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The Dive Shop Travel - Himalaya Bay

Himalaya BayThe Dive Shop's Camping Trips

Every year The Dive Shop travels to the remote beaches of Mexico for exciting camping expeditions. Imagine unlimited SCUBA tank fills, plenty of beautiful, pristine dive sites, scenic beaches and hills, and a camp fire gathering under a star lit sky where you can tell your fish stories.

Himalaya Bay Trip dates:
Minimum of 8 people or the trip cancels



May 9 - 11

Project aware clean up

May 16 - 18

May 23 - 25
Memorial Day
May 30 - June 1st


September 26 - 28

October 3 - 5

October 10 - 12

Oct. 17 - 19

Oct. 24 - 26

Halloween Party


Mexican Auto Insurance

Boats, Boats, Boats

Besides unlimited beach diving, our Zodiac boats depart all day long. There are twenty-seven dive sites that we visit. Our boats are operated by our trained Divemasters, who are more than happy to introduce you to our wonderful dive sites.


All this, and a toilet too!
That's right! The Dive shop provides real FLUSH toilets and a shower for your comfort. We supply the heat via a gas water heater, you just need to supply the water for the shower. This is camping in style.

Boat divers $195.00 for 3 days, 2 nights, 2 days of 2 tank boat dives.
unlimited shore diving.

Open water Student

$239 unlimited shore diving.

AOW & Resucue students

$165 unlimited shore diving & use of boats for deep dive & as spots become available
Shore Divers $165.00 for 3 days, 2 nights, unlimited shore diving
(Available from beginning no use of boats)
Non-Divers $35.00 for three days, two nights use of Dive Shop facilities
Children under - 5 Free, Free, Free, Free!!!!!!
Extra Day $65-diver, $15-non diver. Available for Memorial Day Week-end


Photo Contest

San Carlos & Himalaya Bay Trips

All trips in May!!!!

Open to everyone, land, snorkeling and diving.
Beginner to Semi-Pro.

$100 Deposit

Trip cancellation Policy for Himalaya Trips:

15 days prior Transfer only
8-14 days prior deposit forfeited
7 days prior all monies forfeited