Nov 24 - Dec 2, 2017


NOV 24 – DEC 2, 2017

Nicknamed as “The Big Island”, this tropical Caribbean island is paradise for the wanting traveler. Situated on Roatan’s south shore, Coco View Resort is perched on the edge of the world”s second largest coral reef. There is spectacular and convenient diving. Take a short ride on one of the custom dive boats to Roatan’s best dive sites, or explore the pristine coral walls and 140′ wreck “Prince Albert” in our famous “Front Yard” – only a few fin kicks from your room!

Package Includes:

  • Round trip air
  • 7 nights over the water cabana rooms at CoCo View Resort
  • 3 meals daily (Breakfast to order, Full lunch, Dinner buffets w/salad bar & choice of entree)
  • One Bar-B-Que on Private Cay (weather permitting)
  • One Picnic on Private Cay(weather permitting)
  • 6 days of diving (up to 4 boat dives a day)
  • 6 days unlimited shore diving (24 hours a day)
  • Use of kayaks, hot tubs, exercise room
  • Welcome drinks
  • Transfers to and from the airport and taxes
  • Hotel taxes
  • Free WiFi.


  • Tips
  • Alcohol
  • Fuel surcharge (if required)


Be comfortable in one of the spacious air-conditioned oceanfront rooms, private homes or exotic over-the-water bungalows and cabanas. Relax in the hammock on your private deck at the edge of Roatan’s incredible underwater realm. Soak in the tropical sun and cooling sea breeze as you rest and unwind.


Explore the World’s Second Largest Barrier Reef. Dive with Roatan’s sea turtles, dolphins, tropical fish, eels, sharks, and more as you explore the island’s best dive sites with CoCo View. Descend massive thousand-foot coral walls, investigate old wrecks, swim through deep channels and caverns, or visit an eel garden. With well over 150 dive sites around the island, plus CoCo View’s own “Front Yard,” there’s certainly no diving shortage here, and you can visit a new site on each trip out. Some of the popular dive sites are:

  • The wreck of “The Prince Albert,” a 140′ freighter sunk as a artificial reef, sits upright in 65′ of water. Extensive coral growth covers the massive wreck. Eagle rays and squid are often found swimming around the wreck. Also a popular night dive.
  • Mary’s Place: one of Roatan’s most spectacular dive sites, famous for its deep crack, formed by volcanic activity. Impressive overhangs teem with color, life, and seahorses galore. Every type of coral and sponge you can imagine thrive here.
  • CoCo View Wall: The reef top at this wall is thickly covered with Lettuce, Staghorn, and Elkhorn corals. Keep your eyes open for the resident Green Moray Eel, often found swimming from CoCo View Wall to the Wreck of the Prince Albert. The shallow top, with its cleaning stations, can offer hours of entertainment as you watch the variety of marine life come and go.
    Gold Chain Reef: The reef top ranges from 10-30 feet. This is a sloping wall fingering out to a large sand slope. The wall top is thickly populated with Elkhorn, Staghorn, and Lettuce corals. Keep an eye out for surge on this reef top.

NOV 24 – DEC 2, 2017

Flight Schedule American Airlines
Date Flight Transfer Time
Nov 25 AA2734 TUS-DFW 6:15A – 9:29A
Nov 25 AA1069 DFW-RTB 10:40A – 2:07P
Dec 2 AA2308 RTB-DFW 3:31P – 6:50P
Dec 2 AA2441 DFW-PHX 8:31P – 10:01P
Dec 2 AA5967 PHX-TUC 10:45P – 11:24P

Rate is per person for 7 nights, and is based on 2 persons per room.
$500 Deposit – Trip deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Passport Required

(Trip Insurance recommended)

Call 520-326-DIVE for more information.


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